Thank you to my loyal customers.. THANK YOU! It has been a pleasure creating your many celebration cakes and treats. I appreciate your continued support over all these years. I love to read your notes, and reviews. I am truly grateful and very blessed indeed... Love, Patty Cake

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The Way to Go When Looking for Cakes

Believe me when i say that I have researched cake places! I
found Patty’s and decided to try. I was not disappointed at
all, the red velvet with cream cheese is awesome! the peanut
butter isn’t bad either. Patty’s cakes are very cheap but do
not lack the quality of other places. For $80 i got a cake that
fed just about 50-60 people and they decorate it for free
(scanned photos are extra!). Trust me when I say that Patty’s
is the way to go when looking for cakes! The guy that helps
with the orders is so friendly and helpful, its gotten to the
point he recognizes me when I walk in.

Overall, Patty’s is delicious and cheap!

2/29/2012 3
Michelle M. - Santa Ana, CA
via Yelp

Last Minute Get Together

Wow, how can you not get a cupcake called the “Elvis”?
Anything with bacon and I’m usually there.

Last minute get together with the neighbors for the hubby’s
birthday. I have no dessert and really don’t have time to make
anything. So I yelp up cupcakes near my new job and this place
comes up.

I call and make an order for a variety of cupcakes. I get the
Elvis, red velvet, banana and chocolate peanut butter. Best of
all, they are ready same day. Just have to say what time I
will pick them up.

The place is easy to find. It’s not a typical bakery with
goods in the front. Looks like everything is custom order. My
cakes are ready and I grab some candles. Good to go!

Get home and later that night I give everyone a cupcake and
they love it. Glad I got a variety, there was one everyone

The dozen lasted a few days and they were good throughout.
Just kept them in the fridge.

I will definitely come back since I can order last minute and
pick up when I need to.


Carolyn W. - Anaheim, CA
via Yelp

Delicious and Addicting Cake Balls!!!

I have recently just gone to Patty’s Cakes this week and yesterday was the 2nd day in a row that I bought those DELICIOUS cake balls. They are addicting and so worth the price and I might just go back again today!! :)

Jennifer E. - Fullerton, CA
via Yelp

Customized Hello kitty Gaduation Cake

I found this place through yelp, and I was definitely not dissapointed! At the time, my sister was graduating, and I knew she was into hello kitty, so I decided to order a customized hello kitty graduation cake. The flavor was red velvet with cream cheese frosting, and it was oh so FREAKIN GOOD! One of the best red velvets I’ve ever eaten! The cream cheese frosting was not too sweet, and the cake was very moist. The hello kitty design was very cute! My sister was very happy with her cake, and everyone who tried it liked it too!

I know I haven’t been here in a while, but I will for sure make a trip back soon to try their cupcakes and cake balls!

Maria I. - Walnut, CA
via Yelp

Well Wort it!!!

A friend of mine told me to try their cake balls. Said they were as good as sex. So of course I had to try them and wow, I wasn’t disappointed at all! It was hard to spend $4 for me on a cake ball, but WELL WORTH it! They just melt in your mouth!!! I’m in LOVE with the Red Velvet one! Must try!!!

Laura V. - Placentia, CA
via Yelp

Mousse Frosting

This place is quaint and the staff is very friendly. If you’re not into sweet frosting this is a great place, everything is a mousse. Cupcakes were moist and the different flavored mousses were flavorful enough. My only complaint is I wish they had the cupcakes on display and always had mini cupcakes on hand (you have to order them ahead of time). I was trying to sample their cupcakes for a baby shower so I could only buy a few big ones to taste.


Vrican C. - Santa Ana, CA
via Yelp

Very Moist, Flavorful and Great Filling

Being a baker myself, I m picky about the quality of any cake. I love that cakes can be beautifully decorated, but only if they taste just as wonderful. Patty s cakes do! Very moist, flavorful and great filiing. I don t like to bake my own birthday cake and decided to try hers on someone s recomendation. Very happy I did. Looked great, but tasted even better. Thanks for sweetening up my birthday celebration :)

Sandy - Fullerton, CA
via Yahoo!

Fresh Good Quality Cupcakes

OK so my husband and I have been traveling the O.C. trying different cupcakes because that’s just what we like to do. Let me tell you NOTHING CAME CLOSE!! Its ridiculous how hard it is to find a fresh good quality cupcake. Oh and if you love these cake balls like we do don’t even try because you wont find anything like them anywhere else, trust us on this one. Patty’s your cake balls cannot be topped!!! See you guys soon!


Best Cupcakes I Have Ever Eaten

These are the best cupcakes I have ever eaten. They frost the cupcakes while you wait so they are always fresh. The salted carmel chocolate cupcakes are so rich and decadent.

aaron - Fullerton, CA
via Google Reviews

Different Combo Orders

I’ve only had the cupcakes so this review is just for the cupcake.  It is REALLY good!  I like the different combo you can order.  The cake itself is really moist and the frosting is just the right sweetness.  Even my mom, who is not a fan of sweets really likes their chocolate cupcake.

Katie L. - Irvine, CA
via Yelp

Traditional Method Cake Balls

My brother has been here a few times to pick up some get well soon cupcakes and cake pops. My review is of the cakepops only. I had the Red Velvet and German Chocolate cakepops are both are pretty good. They use the traditional method which is cake crumbs and frosting mixed together. So, if you’re a frosting freak then cakepops are for you. My brother loves the cupcakes but, I have yet to try them.
Cute store front, too.

Nancy P. - Anaheim, CA
via Yelp

Hidden Secret in Orange County!

I have found a hidden secret in the OC, “Patty’s Cakes”. Tucked away in Fullerton you will find a moist cake. The frosting cures any sweet tooth craving. Not like some other popular cupcake places (I will not mention their names). I finally found the best kept secret “Patty’s Cakes”. This place is special. I had the Chocolate Caramel Salty and my mom had the White / Vanilla Mousse. We both lite up with bliss. OMG, I will drive a million miles to buy this cupcake again. Bingo, “Patty’s Cakes” is my #1 choice with cupcakes. I will try the Elvis cupcake with a twist, (Pecan Cake, Peanut Butter Mousse, and Bacon) tomorrow. They ran out of the original Elvis cupcakes. My mom will try the Lemon Drop (Lemon Cake / Lemon Topped).

My mom loved the Lemon Drop with a little cream surprise inside its soft cake. I had the Elvis with a twist (Pecan Cake, Peanut Butter Mousse, and Bacon). A perfect breakfast combination with a cup of coffee. My son never eats anything sweet. He ate my White / Vanilla Mousse cupcake (Ahhhh!! It was mine). Wow, I’m shocked, he loved it.

Personalized cake with about 10 cake balls!

Very good! We got a personalized cake with about 10 cake balls! The cake was very moist and fluffy and even the whipped cream frosting was very light and creamy! The whole cake was amazing and the cake balls were very good! The cake was so moist that the cake fell in half, but still tasted great! Kelsey S.

April 2012
Kelsey - Fullerton, CA
via Google Reviews

Cupcakes for my niece’s 21st birthday

Bought these cupcakes for my niece’s 21st birthday and they were amazing! Ordered a variety of flavors and was impressed with them all – although the peanut butter mouse is my favorite! Will definitely order again.

April 2012
Joan - Fullerton, CA
via Google Reviews

Great cupcakes at a great price

Great cupcakes at a great price…just $3. I will spend that money on a
perfectly put together cupcake, like the Chocolate Caramel Salty, or
others that I can’t make at home w/ ease.
I will be back to try the PB Pretzel cupcake & S’More cake ball. Oh
there is a Yelp check-in deal if you buy 3, you get one free.


Rosey K. - Santa Ana, CA
via Yelp

Daughters 17th birthday

We ordered a birthday cake with a purple leopard design with sparkles for my daughters 17th birthday. We were totally impressed with the cake and bavarian cream and yellow marble cake. The flavor was extraordinary! We are seriously considering buying another cake for a next birthday in our family!

April 2012
kathy - Fullerton, CA
via Google Reviews

Delicious cake balls and yummy desserts!!!

i bought the cake balls which are delicious!!! However, its a little bit pricey tho~ 3 per cake ball…. However, I’ll definitely go back sooooon to try more yummy desserts!!! It’s nice to know one more great dessert place in fullerton!!! :)

tzu-jung c. - Fullerton, CA
via Yelp

Super Yumminess!

Super yumminess!. I stopped by today to pick up some cupcakes for a friends birthday, I chose the red velvet with chocolate chip frosting, lemon and the chocolate salted carmel! Going in to Pattys Cakes is always a nice stop… they treat you like family and you know you are always getting the freshest and best tasting cupcakes!


April 17, 2012
Kelley D. - Fullerton, CA

Frosting is perfect and everything made to order!!!

As soon as I found these cupcakes from TV review, I went down and bought 3 and ate all 3 – one after another…….!!! Delicious cupcakes – frosting is perfect and everything made to order. Can’t beat em! :) Been back many times. :) Vickie in Anaheim 

April 2012
Vickie - Fullerton, CA
via Google Reviews

Patty s Cakes is the best place I’ve been to

Patty s Cakes is the best place I ve been to. When I place my order they are always very polite and understanding of what I need. I have never had a bad experience. Great place!!!


Lucia - Fullerton, CA
via Yahoo!

Amazing selection at Patty’s Cakes!

Our cupcakes and the selection was awesome! The originality of the cupcakes were a fun choice as well!

Crizer - Fullerton, CA
via Yahoo!

The Amazing Elvis Cupcake!!!

Chocolate cupcake with peanut butter frosting is AMAZING! I’m getting my bday cake from here and I’m so excited!

jennifer o - La Habra, CA
via Yelp

The Best Bakery in the Area!!!

This is THE best bakery in the area. The service is very friendly. Their cake balls are superb (lemon, red velvet). Haven’t tried the other ones, but I’m sure they are good. They have a large cupcake selection, and they ice them after you order them, so they don’t stale. I tried the butter pecan cupcake and the white cupcake with peanut butter mousse. I’m not someone who gets excited about sugary foods, but this place is wonderful. They also have complimentary water with orange slices in it. The neighborhood isn’t the best, but the inside of the bakery is very cute. Strongly recommend this bakery over the other ones in the area, including Beverly’s Best.


Misty K. - Fullerton, CA
via Yelp

California Visits

When I come to southern California to visit my family, I always go to Patty’s cakes before anything else. I love their delicious cupcakes the most.


Renee T. - Fullerton, CA
via Yelp

Love at First Taste!!!

I went in to Patty s bakery for the very first time a couple of weeks ago searching for a coconut cake for my mother-in-laws birthday. The girl working that day helped me tremendously. She suggested that I try the Lemon Colada cupcake. It was love at first taste!! In additon, I ordered a variety of cupcakes, the elvis, butter pecan and pb pretzel. They were all a smash hit! I will definately return for more!


Roxanne - Fullerton, CA
via Yahoo!

Best Cake Balls in Town!!!

Best cakeballs in town! I drive from Seal Beach to Patty’s store and its worth every mile!

April 2012
Scott - Fullerton, CA
via Google Reviews

Flavor Combinations Equal Perfections!

Your cupcakes are delicious! They are so moist! Your flavor combinations are perfect! I will definitely refer my cupcake-lover friends to your bakery/shop!

shirl - Fullerton, CA
via Yahoo!


love that the desserts arent put in a case to sit all day:)

- Fullerton, CA
via Yahoo!

Wonderful Staff and Delicious Cakes!!!

I LOVE Patty’s! Everything they make is delicious and the staff
is wonderful!! My fav is the Elvis!


3/22/2012 7
Lindsay M. - Anaheim, CA
via Yelp

Cupcake Crazy!!!

cupcakecrazy- March 23, 2012 THE BEST CUPCAKES!!!!!! Very moist
and tasty. I will go back there again and again and ……. You
get the idea.

March 23, 2012
- Fullerton, CA
via Google Reviews

Red Velvet with Cream Cheese was Delicious!!!

The red velvet and cream cheese was delicious! The frosting was just a tad too sweet, but still very good! :)


Elizabeth - Fullerton, CA
via Yahoo!

Moist, Delicious and flavorful!!!

I ve tried most ofthe local cupcake eateries in Fullerton, Yorba Linda and Brea and Sprinkles…but by far the cupcake I tried today at Patty s was by far the best. We tried the lemon drop, the white/vanilla and the banana/vanilla cupcakes and they were moist, delicious and flavorful. I highly recommend this cupcakery!

Karen - Fullerton, CA
via Yahoo!

By Far the Best Cupcake!!!

I love the banana cake, by far the best cupakes in the area. PLace is a
little hidden but worth the hunt.

April 2012
Elis minkstole - Fullerton, CA
via Google Reviews

Bought Three Cupcakes and got One Free!!!

Went to go pick up some cupcakes today, and the Yelp
check-in deal was awesome. Bought 3 cupcakes and got 1
free! Bought the Elvis (banana flavored cake, peanut butter
icing, topped with bacon), red velvet, and the Butter Pecan
(apple filled with cream cheese icing).. Can only speak on
the red velvet since my bf and his kids tried the others.
The red velvet was light and fluffy. The cream cheese
mousse was a bit on the sweet side, so I’d probably prefer
a little less. Also the cupcakes are on the smaller side,
compared to other gourmet cupcake places I’ve tried..
Overall, good. I’ll definitely have to try out the more
“exotic” flavors next time. Hope you always have the
check-in deal!

Kathleen B. - Ontario, CA
via Yelp

The Best Wedding Shower Cake!!

The Best Shower cake! Can’t wait for the wedding!
Yes, we have tried Patty’s cupcake’s and cakes over the
last year for various events. We knew that she would make
the shower cake and it would taste wonderful. But the
shower cake was a question- what in the world do you put on
a cake that is unusual? Since the groom is a chef we
decided on a recipe cake. We wrote our own recipe and Patty
had the most awesome design! She took our idea and make it
adorable- a mini whisk, grater, rolling pin and heart
shaped measuring spoons all decorated our “original
recipe”. Everyone loved this beautiful cake! Was there any
left? Just enough to have a piece the next day. We chose
carrot cake with no nuts- OMG a piece of heaven! They are
so wonderful to work with- you will not regret this choice
of professionalism, creativity and deliciousness!

alissa p - Fullerton, CA

Amazing cupcakes with just the right amount of sweetness.

Amazing cupcakes with just the right amount of sweetness. I
got the vanilla on vanilla cupcake and was impressed by the
fluffiness and how moist the cake was. I will definitely be
coming back to try the salted caramel among other delicious
sounding selections.

April 2012
Venus - Fullerton, CA
via Google Reviews

I recommend this bakery to everyone!

Definitely the best cupcakes and cake balls I have ever
had! the staff is so kind and helpful. I recommend this
bakery to everyone!

- Fullerton, CA
via Yahoo!

The Chocolate Caramel is Absolutely Delicious!!!

THE Choclate Carmel is absolutely delicious!! Tried the
red velvet to, very moist! 5 Stars!


April 2012
Chris - Fullerton, CA
via Google Reviews

Customer Service was Excellent!!!

I found Patty’s cakes on yelp and was not dissapointed.
The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is because I have
not had enough of the flavors to go there, but I will
definately go back. If you want a cake book early. I was
going to order a cake for my daughter’s birthday, but they
were already booked. I went in two weeks ahead. I decided
to try out some of the cupcakes. They were all good or
better. The customer service was excellent too. You can
tell it is a mom and pop kind of business and there are not
enough of those around.


Kimberley T. - Yorba Linda, CA
via Yelp

Best Cupckae with Light Frosting and Great Price

This was the best cupcake, I have ever tasted! The frosting
is so light, and sweet, I cannot wait to go back! Great
price too!!!

April 2012
laurabelle - Fullerton, CA
via Google Reviews


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