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[Review] Freshly Iced Cupcakes to Perfection!

My favorite nail tech., Tasha D., sent me
over after getting my nails done (as it is right around
the corner from Glo Salon) to try a cupcake. I wanted to
try a vanilla one but they had just ran out when I went
sooo, I tried a cake ball and was not disappointed. It
was simply delicious. I was impressed to hear, while I
was there, that they ice your cupcake freshly when you
order it so their cupcakes are not just sitting around
already iced waiting for someone to buy them! Can’t wait
to go back next time I get my nails done & I’m around
there. :)


Jacqui A. - Garden Grove, CA
via Yelp

[Review] Simply Amazing!

Patty’s Cakes is simply amazing. With such a cute place, friendly
people who always seem to have a smile on their faces, and stellar cupcake
creations that will transport you to a better place…what more could I want?

I’ve been here twice and have loved every cupcake I’ve tried. My favorite has to
be the Elvis. I could probably eat a dozen of those. :) I also loved the Chocolate
with Raspberry Chambord Mousse and the Butter Pecan. The cakes are moist, the
frosting and fillings are fresh and delicious, and the decorations are adorable.

I’ve been on the hunt for a cupcake place for awhile, and all I can say is thank
goodness for Yelp! I would’ve never found this place without those phenomenal
reviews. I’ll definitely keep coming back anytime I have a craving for something
sweet–which is definitely quite often. :)


Cheryl C. - Rowland Heights, CA
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Get Baked Sale – Buy 2 cupcakes get one Free!

Saturday, April 20th, 2013

Get Baked Sale - Cupcake Sale


Mention the “Get Baked Sale” and receive a FREE Cupcake when you buy 2.

No additional “ingredients” added.

Two free cupcakes per person.

[Review] Cake balls for my co worker

First experience at Patty Cakes was great. Was greeted by a nice young man. I had a coupon from my mother in law. He was very accommodating with my selections. Picked out one of the German Chocolate cake balls for a co worker for his birthday and loved it. The other two cupcakes were delicious. Thank You!




Katy - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] Favorite bakery ever!!!

Favorite bakery EVER! They have so many flavors! My goal is to have a differed cupcake every time. Never been disappointed with their cupcakes and the cake they made for my friend’s birthday was phenomenal!




Jessica S. - Orange, CA
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[Review] Stunning cake

It was seriously a stunning cake! Better than I imagined it would be. Thanks again!!!!



karen - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] Addicting cake balls!

I can’t get enough of their cake balls! I am addicted!!!! They are moist and the outside coating is just the best. Can’t wait to try a cupcake now.




CJ B. - Fullerton, CA
via Yelp

[Review] Popular cake shop

I pass by this place so many times and finally went in. They were so nice and friendly, it was about closing time and 3 other people came rushing in afraid they were going to be closed, so I figured it must be popular. I love that they frost the cupcakes for you while you wait, so cute. I tried one of their lemon cake balls and it was so delicious!! I wish there cupcakes were a little bigger though, they are just standard bake sale size, I wish they were like a big bakery size to make they even more special. But still they are delicious!!


Sep 9, 2011
Christina - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] 4 different types of cupcakes

OMG! Went to Pattys yesterday & purchased 4 types of cupcakes & they were ALL SO AMAZING! I cant wait to try every cupcake, hehehe. So yummy! I took them home to my sisters and they loved them. We will all be going back to Pattys very soon.


Marcia - Fullerton, CA
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National Cupcake Day Sale! Buy One, Get One Free!

Friday, December 14th, 2012

National Cupcake Day Sale, Buy one, get one free.

Mention the “National cupcake day sale” when buying a cupcake and receive your second free! Limit 4 free cupcakes per person. Cannot combine with any other offers. Sale valid on Saturday Dec. 15, 2012 only.