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[Review] Mousse Frosting

This place is quaint and the staff is very friendly. If you’re not into sweet frosting this is a great place, everything is a mousse. Cupcakes were moist and the different flavored mousses were flavorful enough. My only complaint is I wish they had the cupcakes on display and always had mini cupcakes on hand (you have to order them ahead of time). I was trying to sample their cupcakes for a baby shower so I could only buy a few big ones to taste.


Vrican C. - Santa Ana, CA
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[Review] Red velvet cake ball was super moist and tasty!

I tried a vanilla cupcake from them at a bridal show and was disappointed as it tasted bland
and nothing special.  However, their red velvet cake ball was super moist and tasty! At $3/piece it’s a bit 

pricey but so good I’ll have them again!


5/24/2012 1
Tibisay G. - Orange, CA
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[Review] This is by far the best place I have ever eaten a cupcake or cake balls.

The smores was too sweet for me but the velvet cake – heaven in my mouth. The “Elvis”
(peanut butter and banana cream with bacon bits) – yum! And butter pecan with an apple
filling. Good cream but the apple filling made me feel like I was eating an apple pie and
not a cupcake.

Need I say more? SERIOUSLY…this is by far the best place I have ever eaten a cupcake or
cake balls. Patty’s cake is so moist, and the perfect taste in each bite! Just go here and
try it, you won’t regret it! Sometimes yelps has deals – so make sure you try to check in!
We got a free cake ball after purchasing the cupcakes with the yelp deal last time we went.

Vi T. - Los Angeles, CA
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I had never had a special order cake done before.  For a friend’s birthday and graduation gift, I went to Patty’s for advice and ideas.

Zenas K. - San Diego, CA
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[Review] Amazing Decision!!!

Oh my gosh, best. cupcakes. ever. We came here a while back and got 3 cupcakes: Butter Pecan, Chocolate Chipper, and Chocolate Caramel Salty. I d never actually bought a single cupcake from a bakery before and I was a little hesitant at first because I felt like I could make 24 cupcakes at home for the same price. But it turned out to be a great decision, as the amazing, mousse-filled cupcakes were better than anything I have ever baked! I will definitely go back and try more flavors :)

Hajerah A - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] Happy Eating!!!

You go in, check-in using your yelp app, get excited b/c by checking in you get a free cupcake when you buy 3, wait for your turn, order the cupcakes (you get to pick the cake and the whipped topping), wait for them to make them (they cakes are pre-made, they just add the whipped topping while you wait), pay for the cupcakes, walk casually to your car, furiously shovel 2 cupcakes (the cakes are moist, light and fluffy, the topping, like the cake, is light, fluffy, generous and in short GENIUS) into your mouth.
After brushing the crumbs off your face and clothes, you go back in and order 2 more (to replace the 2 that “mysteriously (that’s right, MYSTERIOUSLY) disappeared) so that no one will be suspicious to why there are only 2 when there should be 4…

I can’t recommend enough the vanilla cupcake (or chocolate cake) with the Chambord topping… OMG… Cupcake heaven! The apple pie, the Elvis, the peanut butter topping, the chocolate topping… Dammit, everything is AMAZING!!! I want 2 cupcakes now… I mean, one… I want one cupcake now ;)

I love that this is a mom ‘n pop shop :) I love that their cupcakes blow me away EVERY time. The only thing that bums me out is the hours of operations. I work during their open hours and on my days off, I live 20 miles away :( Maybe they’ll have later hours in the near future :) Here’s to wishful thinking!

I can’t recommend this place enough. I love their cupcakes. If you go, can you pick me up a couple of them? Please?

Happy Eating!!!

Diana N. - Garden Grove, CA
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[Review] Friends birthday cupcakes

I was in need of some cupcakes for a friends birthday. Saw a shout-out to them on facebook by insider fullerton I believe. And I drive by it about everyday on my way to work. Decided to go in and check it out. They were going to be featured on the news the following day, so I figured it had to be good.

I checked in while I was there and received a free cupcake after buying 3. Unfortunately I did not get to try them as they were a gift. But my friend said they were amazing so I will most definitely go back and try for myself. I bought 4 red velvet, 2 with the chocolate chip cream cheese frosting and two with the regular cream cheese frosting.

When I go back I definitely want to try one of their lemon items (cake ball, or cupcake) and I believe it was called Elvis something.

I will be back =]


renae E. - Placentia, CA
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[Review] Everything was perfect!!!

Patty is amazing! We wanted to use her for our cake, and were going to separate the cake from the caterer, and then it turned out that she was the one that our caterer uses anyways!!

Patty is sweet and bubbly. You will work with her & her son, who is also very nice and helpful. She has an adorable little shop in Fullerton, and you do your tasting there. Her cakes are super moist, and the perfect amount of sweet. We picked a yellow cake & the white cake, with a raspberry & custard filling. SO yummy!!

I had a picture of a cake I found online and wanted to duplicate it, and she copied it perfectly! I didn’t have to worry for one minute about the cake – it was the easiest process of the whole entire wedding.

Everything was perfect! We will be back there on our 1 year anniversary for cupcakes flavored like our cake :-)


Jes - Fullerton, CA

[Review] Sweet, simple, and moist!

Delish! I tried different types of cupcakes and 1 smores cake ball. My office staff and I enjoyed every bite. Sweet, simple, and moist. I enjoyed it so much I am ordering my engagement cake from Patty’s Cakes and Desserts. Friendly staff.


Michelle - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] Stunning cake!!!

It was seriously a stunning cake! Better than I imagined it would be. Thanks again!!!!

karen - Fullerton, CA